Real Issues in the Workplace

After hours of research conducted throughout the State of Florida in 2011, it was found that the staff’s main complaint and reasons given for time spent away from work was due to back-related issues. Personnel from housekeeping in the hospitality industry are bending and lifting approximately seven hours a day. Excessive bending is associated with back injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. In June 2011 the California Senate voted in favor of changing the workplace standards for all hotel and lodging establishments in response to a study done in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

(2010: Occupational Injury Disparities in the United States Hotel Industry)

This report found housekeepers are 76% more likely to suffer from work-related lower back injuries. These injuries brought about an unprecedented amount of Workers Compensation Claims, time off of work and high turnover rates in the hospitality industry. The Senate adopted several key changes in the bill, which directly address the hotel room. One of the benefits of having an Elegant Hamper in the room is a potential cost-savings via worker safety. It would easily satisfy this requirement passed by the California Government.

Currently in mid and lower range market hotels the housekeeping staff is collecting towels in a plastic bag that is nothing more than a trash bag. There is an environmental concern as well as a practical concern in carrying wet, used towels in a plastic bag. In higher range market hotels the towels are now collected in a thicker plastic bag or a canvas bag attached to a cart. These bags are susceptible to microbial attack, become stained, moldy and can leak. Elegant Hampers’ liners are certified to protect the contents and be antimicrobial, stain-resistant, mold-proof and leak-resistant for the life of the product. They are made without any metals or Velcro. They can be used independently to transport dirty towels and sheets to the laundry area.

Used towels are found throughout a guest room. They are disrespected, stepped on and found worn out by staff. The loss of money with regards to abused inventory from each establishment to replace these towels is significant. The placement of an Elegant Hamper reduces the loss of inventory as the towels can be properly placed in the receptacle.

Lost time from work due to injury and loss of inventory from towels worn out affect production and bottom line figures. These expenses can be reduced by simply adding Elegant Hampers to your facility.

Dirty Towels

This is a result of not having an Elegant Hamper in your establishment: Excessive bending by housekeeping staff; insurance claims for lower back injuries and time away from work; spending money on worn out inventory; risks of wet towels on floor; not giving the customer that clean and tidy feel we strive to achieve.

Elegant Hampers has models for small spaces! Elegant Hampers supports YOUR entire organization.