Elegant Hampers is a unique product. It is a specialty item founded on research and development and not sold with the regular hotel guest amenities through other hospitality distributors.


The Elegant Hamper Exterior

Elegant Hampers are ergonomically designed beautiful pieces of furniture made of solid wood and fabricated in the USA. Elegant Hampers can be made in any color to complement any décor and your establishment’s logo can be embossed directly onto the hamper. Both open top and pot top lids are available for each model. Lids are removable and designed hinge-free to limit any liability of hands or fingers being closed on.

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    (note: liner is seen through the exterior and is part of the design)
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    Pool Hamper

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The Elegant Hamper Liner

Our exclusive liners are the heart of our Elegant Hampers. The liners are attached by snag-proof, safety rounded button studs. The liner is easily removable and can be sealed closed by pulling the locking drawstring.

We offer four options of liner materials, all of which are durable, functional, and made to withstand commercial use. Other properties include: antimicrobial, mold-proof, leak-resistant, flame-resistant, and metal-free for the life of the product. Selected Elegant Hampers’ liners incorporate a proprietary antimicrobial additive which protects the fabric of the hamper liner and have been successfully tested with AATCC 147, ISO 22196 compliance.

All liners are the same height and design, are available in a variety of colors, and can be used in any Elegant Hamper exterior or Non-Hamper Hamper design.

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    Solid poplar

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    Solid maple

The Non-Hamper Hamper

Wherever an Elegant Hamper doesn’t fit, use this space-saving, wall-mounted model. Perfect for limited spaced areas, such as:

  • Small hotel rooms
  • Inside a closet
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Dorms
  • Restrooms

It is also ideal for persons with limited mobility as it can be mounted at the correct height, thus eliminating the need for the user to bend.

The Non-Hamper Hamper can be discreetly mounted on the back of a door or presented as a unique piece by hanging it on the wall.

Made from solid wood, the Non-Hamper Hamper’s four safety rounded button studs attach to our high-quality liners.

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Elegant Hampers in Use

Dignity – Real – Simple – For Residents in Care Homes

Dignity: The emotion perceived robbed from people when their lifestyle changes to a point where they are being cared for in a facility. As competent and caring as Assisted Living Facility workers are, the residence's view on their living situation is often very different than the workers. By providing simple, helpful solutions to everyday tasks for people in Assisted Living Facilities, Rehab Centers and Long term Care facilities gives them a piece of dignity they might perceive missing.

Real: An everyday task for someone with limited mobility - Taking off your clothes and placing it in the laundry bag.
"I walked into my mother's room and noticed the housekeeper picking up my mother's clothes that were on the floor in the closet. The laundry bag has always been in the closet and I never realized that her clothes never made it into the bag. They laid on the floor because she could not bend down to open the bag! Her clothes were dusty and dirty from being on the floor. I guess the woman who comes to clean didn't see them because they were pushed into the closet and the door was closed. When I saw this I became sad and angry. That's when I looked into finding a better laundry bag for my mom." written by: Sharyn Fagan: daughter of Ethel Goldberg, Duffrin Home, Hampsted, Qc. to Elegant Hampers.

Simple: Replace the floor laundry bag with an hamper bag that is strategically mounted on the wall or behind the closet door that stays open for the user to simply put their dirty laundry in so their clothes do not have to go on the floor and it is easy for the housekeeper to collect.

Trying to take real situations and make them simple is the goal of Elegant Hampers' Non Hamper Hamper. This product is gear for people with limited mobility. Its Elegant, Simple and Certifiable!