Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Elegant Hampers was developed after a realization that in many hospitality industry locations around the world lined hampers were not readily available in rooms. While it is not unfamiliar for there to be hampers in hotels, assisted living facilities and the like, it is not at all common for guest rooms to provide this amenity. Elegant Hampers also found the hampers that were provided in establishments did not in any way enhance the experience of the user.
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Elegant Hampers wants to assist you with this simple product to show your establishment is truly customer service oriented which in turn helps the housekeeping staff and supports the luxurious amenities of your establishment.
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Elegant Hampers offers products for all users. Elegant Hampers is changing the approach of collecting laundry by offering a spacesaving, wall-mounted model: the Non-Hamper Hamper. This unit is an elegant piece perfect for limited spaced areas, such as small rooms, dorms, or inside a closet. It is also ideal for persons with limited mobility as it can be mounted at the correct height, thus eliminating the need for the user to bend.

All of the Elegant Hampers products fulfill and comply with our strict philosophy: design products with the highest of standards and excellent materials. This is reflected in our quality engineering specifically designed for worker and user safety. All materials used are of the highest quality, from hamper to liner and are not found anywhere in the world for this usage. We take great pride in manufacturing in the USA and stand by our commitment by producing products that will last for many years.

Our purpose is to bring about a cultural change in the hospitality industry. The idea is not to just place a hamper in a room; the idea is to change the philosophy and place a functional, user friendly, staff supported hamper in any hotel room, assisted living facility, spa and any other location laundry needs collecting.

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