By placing an Elegant Hamper in your guest rooms, pool area and spa, our purpose is to help you create an atmosphere that is satisfying to guests, staff-friendly, and rewarding to management.

  • For the Management:

    • The collecting of laundry becomes a functional, user-friendly, staff-supported item, which will save time, money and supply.
    • Retain uniformity throughout your establishment for ubiquitous laundry usage: guest room, pool and spa.
    • Providing a receptacle for used towels and linens conveys a feeling of added hygiene to any room.
    • Proudly emboss your logo directly on the Elegant Hamper, promoting a feeling of good will among guests, translating into repeat business and valued advertising.
    • Available in many colors to complement the d├ęcor of any guest room.

    Offer your guests an upgraded experience. A simple innovative solution for your establishment to emphasize its level of customer service, Elegant Hampers solidify the feel-at-home experience your discerning guests come to expect.

  • For your bottom line:

    • Spend less on replacing mistreated inventory.
    • Spend less on insurance claims due to work-related lower back injuries and time away from work.
    • Low acquisition costs and virtually maintenance-free due to high quality of materials.
    • Elegant Hamper liners are a reusable, certifiable product of the highest quality.

    In addition to creating time off of work from staff and costly insurance claims, Elegant Hampers research found that used towels become worn out. The housekeeping staff find towels that are disrespected, stepped on, placed wet on the bed, thrown over lampshades, television sets, over balcony railings and chairs and most commonly on the floor. The cost with regards to abused inventory to replace these towels is significant.

  • For your staff:

    • Maximizing speed and efficiency of staff performance by providing a localized place for used towels and linens.
    • Ergonomically designed to minimize bending.
    • Helps prevent work-related lower back injuries and time away from work.
    • Workers and patrons are protected from risks of wet towels on the floor.
    • Staff-friendly design with no hinges and safety rounded studs.
    • High quality of removable liner that is leak and mold-proof assists in transporting used towels and linens to housekeeping area.

    Localizing the location of used towels and linens translates into faster turnaround times in making up the room and room readiness for arriving guests. Three to four minutes savings per room quickly adds up to hours a day overall.
    The hamper is ergonomically designed to minimize the bending motion from gathering up used towels inside the bin, and is significantly less demanding than bending to pick up towels from the floor or bathtub.

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