About us

Elizabeth Bright is the Founder and President of Elegant Hampers.

Mrs. Bright is originally from Thousand Oaks, California and currently lives in Canada. She is a community leader, working directly in the community volunteering, teaching and organizing. Mrs. Bright has over twenty years in housekeeping. She considers herself a true professional housekeeper.

Mrs. Bright has traveled extensively throughout the world and found, like most people, putting a used towel on the floor or in the bathtub unsanitary and awkward. With her strong desire and willingness, she took two years and methodically investigated the subject of guest rooms in hotels and residence rooms in assisted living facilities (ALFs). The study was done with hospitality workers who have direct responsibilities to the hotel guest room’s cleanliness, actual residents who live in ALFs and hotel guests. Mrs. Bright’s study emphasized human factors, perceptions of hygiene, and cost on replacement of towel inventory. From this, Mrs. Bright came up with a lasting product (liner) and a solution (hamper exterior) by developing the Elegant Hamper.

Elegant Hampers is an Alberta based company. The products are manufactured in the USA.